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Please contact the office no less than 24 hours prior to visiting at (478) 328-0508 Monday through Friday from 9a – 4p or email Stephen at stephen@namiofcentralga.org. We ask families to follow this procedure due to resident appointments, groups, outings, and more.

Absolutely! NAMI Central Georgia has common areas where television can be viewed at no additional cost, nevertheless, any resident who wants a television in his or her room and would like to view cable will require an extra box. NAMI is charged for boxes so the expense would be passed on to the resident at an additional $15 per month which would be added to their room and board fee.

It depends. NAMI Central Georgia takes great care to embark on activities and outings that are inexpensive, nevertheless, not all outings are free. In the event an outing is not free the resident would be responsible for coming up with the additional money often referred to as PA money or personal allowance money to cover the cost of the outing. The same holds true for additional snacks and hygiene products not provided by NAMICG – the resident would be responsible for obtaining those additional items. The recommended personal allowance is $60 per month.

All visitors must be vetted and approved for safety and confidentiality reasons. Any potential visitor must be identified by the family and/or the resident to include a copy of their identification and confirmation of their history. This is done so residents are not taken advantage of, put at risk, or given items that would infringe on their safety, their well-being, or the well-being of others. Additionally, some residents do not want anyone to know that they are here so exposing them to random individuals that are not serving a desired purpose would infringe upon their confidentiality. We ask that any potential visitor contact our office Monday through Friday from 9a – 4p and ask for Stephen Smith or email Stephen at stephen@namiofcentralga.org for more information.

Great question! NAMICG takes the following forms of payment:

  • Mail payments to NAMI Central Georgia, 209 Elberta Rd., Warner Robins, GA 31093.
  • Payments can also be submitted through our Client Payment page, once there you can pay via PayPal which also accepts credit/debit cards.
  • You can come to the office and pay in cash.

If you would like to pay in person and the office is closed we also have a payment box outside the front door of our office for your convenience.

All payments are due on the 1st of the month. Any payment received after the 5th of the month will incur a $50 late fee. Three or more consecutive late payments are grounds for dismissal from our program. As a non-profit, room and board fees alongside rent fees are used to pay for salaries so timely payments are critical.