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Reviews from families and our community

"NAMI Central Georgia saved the Jones family. Our son cycled about fifteen times before being admitted to NCG. Learning that NAMI Central Georgia did not cycle their patients was a gift that we can never repay. We truly felt he had found a home where he would be physically and mentally cared for as he grew to understand and assimilate to his illness. We were amazed at the staff's compassion, knowledge, and commitment to our son...I cannot state strong enough that NCG changed the trajectory of my son and frankly my family and me. Our advocacy for greater treatment of mental illness in Georgia is emboldened by our experience at NCG. I hope one day every Georgian in need will have an NCG type facility and staff to treat them."
Todd Jones
House of Representatives, District 25
"The services NAMI Central Georgia provides not only affect these individuals and their families but also touches many aspects of our community - from veterans, to homelessness, to the criminal justice system. I support NAMI Central Georgia"
Austin Scott
United States Congressman
"We met with the entire staff and we were blown away! We kept asking ourselves if this was too good to be true! They listened to us and our concerns and helped us make a game plan. It was obvious the concern they had for our son as well as the residents there. It turned out that they were actually the caring people that we had prayed about and they were literally in the town that we lived in. The residents and the staff welcomed him into the home and became his second family...really an extension of his primary family. He found acceptance in a way he never had from strangers. The staff truly cares and do try to not only oversee their well-being but also stretch them within their abilities to be all they can be"
"What you guys give to your residents is something I have never seen nor felt in my 17 years of dealing with group home caregivers ---WOW WOW WOW over the top! We will forever sing your praises. WE are proud members of NAMI, and WE are extremely proud to call you beautiful people our FRIENDS."
Bill S.
"NAMI Central Georgia is a vital part of the City of Warner Robins' mission to help our citizens in need. This type of housing is desperately needed in Central Georgia. NAMI's program has our full support ...We look forward to continuing our partnership."
Sherri Windham

Reviews from our Residents:

"I am so thankful to be accepted by NAMI! Since I have arrived, I have been welcomed with open arms. NAMI has become my home away from home. The staff has helped me get my life in order and has shown me a lot of support in all of the positive aspects of my life. It feels like a supportive family that loves all residents. Thank you, NAMI."
"Living at NAMICG is a good place to live. The workers have good attitudes and cook good food for us most days it feels like a home. Still looking towards the future, and looking forward to what's next for us"
Forrest S.
"NAMI is in control but they are fair. I would be in jail. Their help is what's important to me. "
"Pretty good place to live...corn hole, Friday parties, music, cards. "

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